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Hot Water

Whether you have a water heating problem or need an estimate to upgrade your existing water heater to a more energy efficient water heating technology, you can call ABSCO.

We repair, maintain, and install all types of water heaters, oil, gas, electric, tankless “On Demand” and indirect water heaters. We offer brands names such as:

Bradford White
A.O. Smith
Super Stor

Rinnai tankless “On Demand” Gas Water Heaters

If your hot water demand doesn’t exceed running a shower, washing dishes and doing laundry, a tankless water heater will deliver all the hot water you need. “On Demand” water heaters heat only water being used, not continually heating and reheating the water as with conventional water heaters. Now you pay for only what you use and stop paying for what you don’t.

Visit Rinnai website to learn more about tankless “On Demand” water heaters


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Super Stor Ultra Indirect Water Heaters

The Super Stor Ultra has an ultra high output exchanger engineered to accept a higher volume of heated boiler water with minimal pressure drop, which increases the Ultra’s capability to produce large amounts of hot water.

The Super Stor Ultra is tied into your existing or new boiler as a separate zone with a circulator or zone valve. It will start your boiler only when the Ultra requires hot water. The Super Stor Ultra will reduce your operating cost to produce hot water.

The Super Stor Ultra’s Limited Lifetime Protection Plan will give you peace of mind that your water heater is covered by the industries strongest warranty.


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